• Build your new AR App without technical skills
  • Constantly improving the platform by releasing periodic updates for the best and most up-to-date experience
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Low, predictable maintenance cost
  • 3 easy steps to create your own AR mobile app
  • No starting cost*
  • Markerless technology support

How Actum Studio works?

Easy editing of mobile app content and real time synchronization with the mobile app

Add new 3D models, images, text description, movies and virtual (360) walks

Your new AR content is direcly displayed in the dedicated mobile app!

Actum Studio in 3 simple steps!


Register at Actum Studio Platform


Customize your new mobile AR app


Add your AR/360 content, media and descriptions

Actum Studio Pricing

Free Business Pro
Number of objects* in application 1 1 - 5 5+
Free updates x x x
24/7 technical support x x
Custom branded mobile app x x
Integration with e-commerce x
3D models creation service x
3D object scanning service x
360 degree photography service x

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